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Massage & Athletic Performance

Massage therapy is a form of alternative medicine and is designed to promote health and well being. Massage has been known primarily as a relaxation aid. however, massage is much more diverse. Athletes in particular, can use the benefits of massage to improve their versatility and performance. Athletes have to maintain optimal performance. A high degree of flexibility is required for optimal performance, despite the sport(s) the athlete is involved in. Massage therapy stretches the muscle fibers, promoting and maintaining such flexibility. So, more flexibility through massage therapy means more advantage over competitors.

Massage therapy also offers athletes improved circulation. The athlete is able to enjoy the benefits of breathing easier and moving more fluently. As a result, the athlete will enhance performance levels.

Furthermore, for injuries or ailments if the muscles, the athlete can incorporate massage therapy to alleviate muscle pain. Athletes who suffer from injuries are mostly not playing at their best. With regular massage therapy, muscle pains can be minimized and athlete can perform without pain disturbances.

Massage therapy also is very beneficial to improving sound sleep. Massage therapy is known to promote better sleep patterns. Athletes who add massage with their regular routines will benefit from the increase in the quality and quantity of sleep. Most athletes who get good quality sleep are more likely to perform at optimal levels. Furthermore, massage therapy can help athletes reduce stress and relax.

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