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Massage & Weight Loss

Massage therapy can help to improve body metabolism and decrease body weight. Massage therapy improves the blood circulation. Your blood vessels are stimulated with enhanced blood flow that nourishes the vital organs of the body. Furthermore, massage improves muscle strength. Regular workouts are the best way to build muscle strength however, massage assists in relaxing the muscle after a high level of physical stress. The benefits of massage maintains the muscle elastic and strength resulting in less muscle related injuries. Massage is imperative for body building athletes to ensure muscle immunity against injuries.

Massage plays a role in fat reduction. Our body store fat in a capsule called fat cells. Research shows that if proper massage is performed in the area with excess body fat accumulation, it bursts the fat capsule and makes it available for absorption inside the body. Weight loss focused massage treatments combined with an exercise and nutrition plan, can greatly reduce high levels of excess fat in the body.

Massage also is known to improve body metabolism. Studies show that massage is not only great in muscle relaxation and recovery but, also with the stimulation of body metabolism. An active and stimulated body metabolism means that the body is able to burn up more nutrients much faster reducing body fat.

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